D&L garage doors service truck

About Our Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

Quality of Service

We pride ourselves on the high standard by which we conduct business. We provide the highest quality of service and warranty all of our work. You will never want to work another repair company again.

Certified Experience

We’ve been handling garage doors for over twenty years! Our technicians are rigorously trained and have years of experience in both garage door repair and customer service. All of our technicians are licensed, bonded, & insured.

Fast Response

We have some of the fastest response times in the state. Only D&L can provide you with world-class service at an affordable rate within just hours of your phone call.

Locally Owned

We’re a locally owned, family operated establishment dedicated to serving our friends in neighbors. Why send your dollars to national chains when you can support local business!

24/7 Service

We have dispatchers standing by at all hours of the day, waiting to take your call and get you the service that you need, whenever you need it.

Competitive Pricing

We work closely with local manufacturers to bring you the best garage door parts, nearly at-cost! No other company in town can offer you the deals we can!