Garage Door Maintenance Meridian, ID

It’s Easy! With Garage Door Maintenance Meridian

Performing regular garage door maintenance is easy enough for any Do-It-Yourself-er however, we do recommend that if you feel like this may be over your head, please give a call to garage door maintenance Meridian company and we’ll take proper care of your door for you. If you do decide to work on it yourself remember to let other family members know so they can avoid the garage while it is in operation.

Just A simple Inspection

A visual inspection should be performed at least once every month. While inside your garage, we’ll examine your springs, cables, rollers, brackets, and hinges. Garage door maintenance Meridian team will also inspect the motor for any potential signs of malfunctioning. If you have an automatic garage door opener, we’ll disconnect it from the door for manual control. When lifting your door manually we’ll be looking at resistance and determining if smooth, uninterrupted travel is obstructed in any way. If there is any difficulty or resistance your door may be out of balance.

Garage Door Reversing Mechanism Upgrade

Garage door motors sold after 1993 are required by law to include a reversing mechanism. If your system doesn’t have this option, we’ll gladly recommend options for upgrading to a newer, safer system. If your door already has safety sensors we’ll check to make sure they are properly aligned and working. Garage door maintenance team will also check your motor’s force settings. This setting is crucial to avoiding potential damage or injury. Satisfaction_guarantee_100_stamp_grungy_-01 To top it all off, about twice a year we should visit to apply lubricant on all moving parts to keep your system running for as long and as safely as possible.