Garage Door Replacement Meridian, ID

Need to replace your garage door?

D&L garage door repair Meridian has been serving Ada County for over twenty years. For over two decades Garage door replacement Meridian team have built a strong reputation within our little community here for offering the highest standard of service available in Meridian, at the lowest price possible. No other company will be able to repair or install your door as quickly, as professionally, or as affordably as we can. We’ve established strong working relationships with the local garage door manufacturers so to offer you brand new doors at unbelievably low prices!

Wide Selection Only At Garage Door Replacement Meridian

Garage door replacement Meridian team offer a wide selection of sectional, roll-up, and carriage style replacement garage doors. We provide doors in various materials including steel, glass, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. Each type and material of door is different and some may be more applicable to your home then others. At least one major factor to consider is humidity. If you live in a more moist environment, steel doors will tend to rust and wood doors will warp. Steels doors are the most popular option as they have the strongest impact resistance and is priced fairly competitively.

So how they differ?

Glass doors, like wood doors, have a high aesthetic value but, unlike wood or even fiberglass doors, do not offer very much impact resistance. Perfect for architectural homes or for showrooms. It is important to note however, if you choose to opt towards a glass door expect to pay more than you would for a regular fiberglass or steel door. Aluminum doors are another popular option seeing as they are inexpensive and lightweight. One additional benefit of aluminum is that it doesn’t rust and they are low maintenance. However, one major downside is that they dent really easily. Maybe not your first choice if you have kids.

Fiberglass or Vinyl Door

The kind of door you will most likely need is a fiberglass or vinyl door. Since there is steel frame it offers a reasonably high level of impact resistance and damage is usually restricted to individual panels that can be individually replaced. These kinds of doors also come with additional insulation options. Fiberglass and vinyl doors are also priced competitively and offer additional features such as windows.

We’re here to help!

Satisfaction_guarantee_100_stamp_grungy_-01Whichever kind of garage door that you have or that you need, D&L garage door is your best option for replacing or installing your new door quickly, and affordably. We couldn’t have built our little family run company into the No. 1 repair company in Meridian without the tireless efforts of our expertly trained garage door repair technicians. They are exhaustively trained and have years of customer service experience. This critical combination of skills allows each and every one of our customers to feel rest assured, once having called us, that the most experienced, qualified professionals are working on their home.